Monday, October 10, 2016

what do you worry about?

I guess everyone has something to worry about and I am no different.  I am a pleaser at heart and have always liked making my folks proud which is easy to do because they are so forgiving of my mistakes.  I guess it took me years to figure that one out but today I hear a lot about what to worry about.

So what is on your worrying mind?

  • Presidential election - two numb-skulls running for office and neither one fit for dog catcher
    •      Now, don't get POed at me cause I am just repeating someone else's remarks.
  • What is going on in this world that people don't work hard and are not interested in getting ahead by doing a good job then being recognized for their efforts.  
  • Morals are watered down so that no one is marginalized
  • the good old days are gone
  • health insurance even Obama Care is out of reach for those who have a job and some money
  • the stock market is going to crash
  • interest rates are too low
  • interest rates are going to go up
We all have something to worry about even though we should be happy and looking up for the future.

So what can we do to get past all this worrying?
  • the easy answer is put God first in your life and let him handle the hard stuff
  • the hard thing is putting it all in the the hands of God and not worrying
OK, solutions, yes I have them.
  • STOP WORRYING cause that will not make a hill of beans difference
  • Look for the good going on around you
  • Invest in your family with time
  • Share good thoughts about others
  • read a good book
  • encourage someone every day
One of the things I find that creates the most anxiety and worry in me is SPECULATING on something.  How many times have you gotten your underwear in a wad and the outcome was not even close?  I bet it is by far most of the time.

Well, I guess we should stop right here and do - you know what.

What do you learn in the Osage?
  • worrying about something will not get anything done, stop it and do something and just like my dad, Clifford Olson, use to say, " let's do something even if it is wrong".
  • Action will overcome fear and worry, DO SOMETHING! You are responsible for YOU and your actions, don't blame anyone for your circumstances
  • America the Beautiful is going to be fine if everyone does their part and stops BITCHING
Get over it and let's do something good for somebody else,
thanks for listening,

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