Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Momma's Sweet Pickles - Sweet Lime Pickles

I promised the recipe for Sweet Pickles by Opal Olson

Lime Sweet Pickles
Slice – 9lbs cucumbers (prefer medium to small in size)
Dissolve – 2 cups lime in 2 gallons water
                Soak cucumbers for 24 hours
Wash well – and let stand in ice water for 4 hours
Make a syrup of 2 quart vinegar – 4.5 lbs. sugar and
1 teaspoon pickle spice
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 whole clove and 1 tablespoon salt
Let cucumbers soak overnight in the syrup
Lift pickles out and bring syrup to boil

Add pickles and simmer 40 minutes
Pack in jars and save

Now there is a few requirements:
  • first you must save some for me and preferably one jar small or large
  • second if they are not fit to eat don't save me any pickles 
  • three - if they are great then you have to make more and we need to start a business selling Grainola or Shidler pickles ....
So what do you learn from the Osage?
  • free enterprise and opportunity are what you make, even if it is pickles
  • if you teach a person to make pickles they can make a living but if you give them pickles they can only eat for a day
  • pickles make bologna taste good, go figure  ( I need to tell you my bologna story)
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