Thursday, November 17, 2016

What next?

Well, this is 2016 and the presidential election is over.  I am not sure that anyone is totally happy with what happened but more happy with what did not happen.  The market did not crash and for some, happiness was Hillary not being elected.  It does not matter what your choice but that we have a democracy and democracy Won.  Losers, get over it.  Winners, be humble.  This is America first and there are NO groups of folks as we are all Americans or want-a-Be's and that is it.  Now I am not prejudice but if someone is in America and does not WANT TO BE then that is fine but you do not get all the benefits of being an American.  

Being from the Osage I remember Joe Conner (1961) was pro John Kennedy for President and I thought he was crazy even though i was almost 10 years old.  Looking back I believe Joe was a brave man and very articulate (he was about 14 years old).  His boldness was an example to me that a person can have conviction and not be violent or mean.  He was and I hope today, is the good man that a little boy observed so many years ago.  My mom and dad voted the opposite of each other on Kennedy and many thought it was a GIANT problem.  I think history has proven that God owned it then and still does.  John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson made a great difference and Kennedy certainly got the honors for what Johnson completed but I don't think anyone could argue that Lyndon Johnson was the purest of persons nor Kennedy who has his moral challenges.  They both did some good and even great things so lets give credit where credit is due and get over their faults.

In fact when Obama was elected many folks had all kinds of conspiracy theories and concerns and almost all were unwarranted.  Oh sure, we did get Obama Care and at least for me and my family it is a disaster.  Since Obama took office we have gone from about $325 per month to at the beginning of Obama Care around $620 per month to just announced $2360 per month for health insurance.  OUCH!   It does not matter which side you are on this was one of the boldest miss-representation of the facts in American history.  I am glad the barrier was broken with Obama but I am very sad for the division of people into ethnic or cultural groups.  I am setting here waiting to have a procedure on Preston's eyes in California and there is a show "The View" with Whoopi and company and it is totally disgusting.  They are slandering the newly elected president and not giving him a chance.  Once again why don't we stop listening to the slander and look for the facts.  I was just listening to one of the slanders about Trump and did a little research and found that he has a higher percentage of women in leadership positions and pays them in line with all the men but why is that never discussed?  I think we find what we are looking for not the whole truth.  In fact I remember Aunt Gladys Snyder who was a very one sided Democrat who insisted we get the facts and not listen to what others say because what  others say is how they see it, NOT the truth.  That actually reminds me of something I learned the hard way:  There are three sides to every story, His side, Her side and the truth.

  When is everyone going to get so tired of the bias in media that we quit watching the crazies including ALL of the networks.  Let's stop watching the movies of those who are so disgustingly immoral plus the TV and start talking to each other about what matters most, family.  What ever happened to Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley and the Paul Harvey's of the world?  What happened to news and stories where the facts were checked and both sides given so that the public can make informed decisions.  Let's stop letting the media divide us and let Free Enterprise reign again.  It seems we are choking out our rights with every new law.  We fixed the mortgage industry and eliminated almost 70% of the competition.  We fixed banking so now the top 5 banks in America control more assets than the over 5000 other financials institutions combined.  We have 5000 fewer banks today.  We have protected the consumer from predatory lending so now if you want a loan below $100,000 very few banks will even talk to you.  I should correct myself, not banks but financial institutions.  And here is an interesting fact credit unions were formed for small groups of folks to form a co-op type financial institution with common interest and it does NOT pay taxes but competes with banks who do.  And here is an interesting question:  Why do we regulate banks so they cannot fail and force them to pay insurance in case they do when they are owned by stockholders who invest at their own risk?  Do I need to explain?

So what do you learn in the Osage?

  • Joe Conner had it right
  • Respect democracy and America
  • Give everyone a chance 
  • Every new law takes away someones freedom
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