Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wet wooly

I don't know where that name came from but it reminds me of the first time I experienced it.

One of the delights of growing up in the Osage was good friends dropping by the house.  The Shumates had come by and that would include Mrs. Shumate, Sally and Janie.  Sally, Larry and I were sitting on our dark brown couch.  By the way, that couch lasted for at least 20 years before it was recovered and I don't think it really needed covered except that Mom wanted a new look/cover.  So back to the story:  Larry was sitting on the end of the couch with Sally next then me while we were watching TV (2 channels only, 2 and 6).  I think it was Sally who put her finger in her mouth and got it very wet then with stealth like movement she placed it in my ear!  I immediately assumed it was Larry and shoved Sally out of the way and hit Larry as hard as I could on the shoulder.  He rolled over the arm of the couch and onto the floor. Those were great times with great friends. 

Now I have to admit I have used "wet Woolies" many times.  But I learned the hard way that once you are married you don't wet wooly your wife and not get retaliation and once you get older they don't even retaliate they just get mad.  So I don't do that too much anymore.  You know there are a lot of silly games we play with each other and that is what makes a relationship fun and lasting.  I hope we never get too old to joke around with each other and tease.  I guess I just have never grown up but Shouna and I have a wonderful marriage and as of two days ago we are FINALLY grandparents.  In fact I can use your help.  Shouna thinks we should be called Lolli and Pops or Lollipops and I think I should be called Big Popa.  What do you think?  I want a vote.  Mike Cunningham of Cunningham Advisers says it is real simple on getting named on what you want to be named.  He says that when they are a child you just say, "what is my name?"  and if they get it right you give them a dollar.  Works for me.  We will see.

Back to the Wet Woolies.  I do have to tell you that when dating it is not a good idea and that may be just why I could never get a date, especially in high school. 

Well, I have to go as the tractor will not start at Wings and they are calling me so:

What do you learn in the Osage?
  • A wet  wooly is not about the story in the Bible when the wool was set outside waiting on a sign from God that if it was wet one night and dry the next
  • A wet wooly is a sick way to flirt with a girl
  • If a girl cannot take a wet wooly she does not have a good sense of humor and you should not date her
  • The joy of the Lord is in my faith and an occasional wet wooly.
Go try it on your wife,
Thanks for listening,

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