Sunday, March 30, 2014

HOme Owners Associations

Praise God we did not have HOA, Home Owners Associations, in the Osage or at least in Shidler and Grainola.   I guess it is a sign of the times or just a city thing but from what I see we had it right in the Osage.  We respected each others rights to do what they wanted with their home and their land.  We may have not liked someones house or the way they kept their yard or barns or even their equipment  but we respected their rights to do what they saw fit for what was theirs.  Now I understand things have changed and there is too much trash and not enough pride and probably more than anything not enough self discipline and genuine caring.   HOA's are just messy.

What I remember was how my sister would go help folks who needed help and she did it without being paid and without being asked and without an HOA.  Debbie always had the biggest heart and I saw her go clean houses and cook for old folks week after week.  I saw people go mow the church yard without being asked and even weed-eat around things without being asked.  When something needed fixed people figured out how to fix it and got after it (that means they did not put it off).  I remember my folks would sometimes see that someone needed help and they would volunteer us/me to go help.  I wish I could say I was always a willing participant but in the end as I look back it was best for me too.   I think there was a sense of pride folks had in keeping things looking good.  I don't know why but Bud Head comes to mind as I recall he always kept things real orderly and then there was Perry Stephens whose house always looked clean and neat.  Vea Harris planted more flowers than about anyone and she even had them in her garden next to the potato plants and tomato plants.  By the way did you know that marigolds will keep squash bugs away?   And while I am at it, if you have problems with mites add a little soap to some water and spray the leaves.   Along the highway farmers would mow the grass and bail it for hay.  We never bailed it but Dad insisted that the one mile long drive to our house on Beaver Creek did not have excessive weeds or tall grass along the road.  He wanted it neat and clean looking.  Heaven forbid if there was a wire loose and sagging as that was a sin.  Right away we had to get out there and get it fixed.

OK, back to HOAs.  What I have found is that HOAs are an opportunity for everyone that wants to complain about something they don't like about someone else and not feel guilty.  What I would say is that most of the time folks need to filter what they say and for the most part keep their mouth shut unless they have something nice to say about someone.  Sure there are things we need to fix or take action on that affect others but we can say it with respect and kindness.  Everything someone has to say is NOT personal but if it is said in a respectful fashion then you have a responsibility to 'get over it'.    HOA's make me love the Osage just a little more.  If you still live there please count your blessings and do something for someone else and clean up your place so folks won't think you don't care.

So what do you learn in the Osage?

  • if you see someone needs a little help view it as a mission project and do it without needing praise or money and you will feel some real blessings in your life.
  • if you learn to give it away you will receive far more than you ever give.  It is called a blessing and it might be in just feeling better about yourself.
  • I love chickens, yes chickens.  I wish we did not have an HOA so I could have chickens just like in the Osage.
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