Monday, February 1, 2016

Filtered or unfiltered

How many times in my life have I wished I was a little more filtered in the mouth?  Have you ever wondered, "why did I say that!"?  I wear a size 13 shoe and many times it has fit into my mouth and I have swallowed it.  I wish I could recover those words.

Sticks and Stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you

The biggest lie I have ever heard. 

I have recovered many a time from broken bones, like the time I had the motorcycle wreck and had multiple surgeries.  That sucks.  Or the time I was playing basketball in the old gym at grand old Shidler High School.  Actually it was the only gym at the time but I was hustling for a ball thrown my way and caught that cement wall rather than the ball.  CRACK.  Again I recovered.  Or the time I took a bad fall from a small jump on the ski slopes and tore up my collarbone.  Made it except for a little ware and tare on the body over the years.

Words are the most powerful force in the world.  Greater than water and hydraulics, for you farm boys and engineers who understand the power of both.  Words can be the most uplifting or the biggest downer.  I remember Helen Head (100 years old and one of the greatest teachers ever) who simply complimented me on how I was dressed and it made my day.  Then there was Aunt Gladys (Mrs. Snyder of Shidler High fame) who kept telling me when I was in grade school how good I was at math as she gave me high school problems and then graded them to show I could do high school work in grade school.  I was never the smartest contrary to what Julian Codding says about me.  Now there is SMART with a capital S or J.  Julian was and is off the charts when it comes to smart.  How about Coach Gilstrap who told me as a kid he wanted me to play football for him long before I was old enough.  Words can make or brake a person. 

Now here is where we are going to get in some controversy.  I absolutely do not believe that talking about everything that bothers you or hurts you helps.  How can constantly bringing up the bad help?   For example, if I told you to not think about cold sliced tomatoes with fried bacon and mayonnaise on a hot summer or spring day, you could not do it and in fact you would want one for the rest of the day.  So my point is, if you tell everyone about how hurt you were by someone's words or actions I believe it does not help most of the time.  In fact it puts a damper on your/my day and makes you/me think about it more. 

I know that I have hurt people over the years and for the most part un-intentionally and I sincerely hope that if you are one of those you would forgive me.  There is a very strong chance I do not even know what you think you heard and hopefully you heard it from me not a third person.  I or someone you know who hurt you may not have any idea you offended or hurt them.  Also NEVER take someone else's interpretation of what I say as fact unless you talk to me and get my cut on what I said.  That goes for words from anyone told third person. 

I think for some being a friend is easy but I am not so sure.  I do believe diarrhea of the mouth is a big problem and a little or a lot of filtering is appropriate.  I need to get my filter working a little bit better.  Or?  Could we say, "the filter was crappy?".  Get over it if that word bothers you.

Well, what do you learn in the Osage?
  • Friends are loyal and forgiving
  • The mouth is the most powerful instrument in the world, good and bad
  • Be careful, sometimes few words are more
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