Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mike Moser

I know many of you remember the Moser family of which Nancy plus an older sister and then Mike were their 3 children.  I am asking for your help in a few things for some very good reasons.

I want to collect some stories of Mike for his son Nathan.  Mike went to college at Weatherford for one or two years before going to ophthalmology school in Houston at the same time I was there.  I should make a correction just in case you made a mistake.  I went to Weatherford not Houston as I was not so smart like Mike.  After school he married and located to Louisiana where he had a family and I believe it was one or two children.  Mike was later killed in an auto accident when his son was 9 years old.  Nathan is now interested in finding more about his dad so I am going to share a few stories and I want you to fill in some holes.

At Southwestern State College (later to become Southwestern Oklahoma State University SWOSU)Mike set the curve in every class I was in and I think he always thought it was easy.  He always had a dry sense of humor and few words to say but he would laugh a lot when he got tickled.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Mike while there and visited his home.  His dad and mom moved to Weatherford when he was starting his junior year in high school.  Mike's dad made or ground glass lens for eye doctors in those days after work as a second income.  I think it was Phillips Petroleum during the day.  It was really cool to watch.  He had a special room that was very small where he made the lenses. 

The other thing I remember about Mike was he was very close to Harold Codding and I think Mike Benton.  Mike grew up in the Webb City Methodist Church and was an avid baseball player.  As I recall he was a side arm pitcher that no one could hit off very easily.  He was also a talented basketball player with great shooting and dribbling ability. 

Most of all I remember Mike as a quiet leader who was humble but incredibly smart.  Julian Codding shared a story with me:

Mike was such a smart guy.  He & Harold were always best pals.  I sat next to mike in several classes.  He laughed a lot.  He was funny & he liked fun.  Great guy!  Great guy!!!  He was there when our math teacher, your Aunt Gladys walked up to me reading a library book in class (as I did everywhere ) stuck her hand out like a salute (with that ram rod posture she had form being a WAC drill Sargent and took the book, staring into my eyes and said "Mr. Codding! That will never happen again!"  She was right, it never happened again. Mike was almost bent over in his chair biting his tongue to keep from laughing.  He was brilliant at every subject!

If you can help me it would be a tribute to Mike and most of all helpful to Nathan a United States Marine whom we should be thankful for because he is serving you and me and our families.

Thanks for listening.

What do you learn in the Osage?
  • to be a leader does not mean you have to yell or demand
  • a quite and humble spirit have long lasting meaning
  • be thankful for those who served else we might be speaking German or Japanese today.
Thanks again,

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