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What can I say?

If you don't know what this is about get a copy of the Shidler Review Newspaper.  IT will make sense once you read the paper.  This is my response to the doctor.  I don't know what kind of doctor he is but it is pretty easy to see where he is coming from.  You be the judge:

Response from the Pioneerman:

Facts do lie by
            I have lived in the Netherlands and have had family in Norway.  The Netherlands is very pretty and wonderful people.  But what makes it or Norway better than the good old US or Osage county?  Someone’s survey not mine and someone’s analysis, Not Mine.  Let me give you food for thought Doc.  Norway is colder than heck and in most folk’s survey would not make the top 10 for that reason alone.   I should also point out that without the dumb Americans ingenuity and money Norway would not have all the oil money which props up its financial balance sheet (thank the US for that, oh but they are not so smart).  The Netherlands is wonderful and the one of the most drug infested places in the world and without the “Good Old US”  they would speaking German today.  They have great sports and wonderful people, but lifestyle, NOT.  But if you want the government giving you cradle to grave benefits and lots of alcoholism because there is not enough to do and lots of drug attics, supported by the government, then maybe it is a great place.  If you want really high taxes and little incentive to get ahead then go for it, not me.  I bet the survey showing it to be a great place to live did not give much emphasis on what is going on with the youth and culture which is ultra-liberal and in my survey, deteriorating.  Now I will not keep going on with this but I never promised perfection here or there or in my writing.  In fact I am not a liberal or a doctor that is liberal but I do not want the dramatic government control in Norway, Netherlands  or Sweden.  Now on Australia I will not argue that it is pretty good in a lot of ways and more like the good old US.  I would say that if I were doing the survey and not a liberal biased media Australia would be very high on my list.

Now let’s touch on the education system.  If everyone believes the education system is better in Canada, Japan and Israel based on the survey the doctor likes then why are more folks moving to the piss-poor educational system and American system than move to Canada, Japan and Israel combined?  Also why is it more new “stuff” invention, new ideas, new perspectives etc. come from the sorry old US than these three countries combined?  Why are our schools full of students from these three countries students and theirs are not full of ours?  Are there some things better there than here?  Sure.  Which one do you chose?  Why?  It is obvious, we have more to offer.  Another point which I do wish would change in our education system and that is an extreme liberal bias.  If you don’t believe me let’s do a survey of what percentage of educators are republicans vs. democrats.  Sure there are other tests but let’s just make it easy.  Ask a Japanese person about the suicide rates and the lifestyle of the students in that country and then decide if their system is better.  Also how many students in Japan public schools are non-Japanese compared to the US?  Nothing compared the diversity of the American schools.  I do know about the education system in Japan because I have experienced it.  I would not want it for my children even if they are better in math.  I prefer a student with character, independent thinking, creative, and a desire to get ahead in this world and not dead because of suicide.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great Japanese folks but again where would they be if not for the sorry old US and its sorry military who kicked their butts and were not barbaric in the treatment of captives.  If only Uncle Snyd was alive today I believe he would have a strong opinion about how Japanese treated him as a prisoner of war.

Life expectancy:  I have no idea but if I were a doctor I would examine the facts which I certainly do not know.  But I bet there might be some DNA involved and there might be some FACTS which don’t make it a good comparison.  But the fact is I don’t have the time or inclination to figure this one out but if I were a doctor I would search out the facts and opinions as I do not trust a survey until I see the survey and how and when the questions were presented.  If you don’t believe surveys are biased wait until we get closer to the elections and you will see surveys showing opposite results on the same subject.  I personally struggle with watching FOX and CNN as they are both full of liars.  What happened to true reporting rather than sensational reporting?

Incarceration rates:  There are so many holes in this one it is hard to know where to start.  First off, It is an American way that says “if you do the crime, you do the time”.  I had a person commit a crime against me that was extreme and he went to jail for 6 months.  It would be my survey that says stealing millions of dollars is a profitable business if you only go to jail for 6 months.  Now if you are a pro-drug person and want legalization of drugs then you probably want a lot of folks to be out on the streets stealing and robbing to pay for their drug habits.  Or you can do like the Netherlands (top place to live) and provide needles and drugs to folks at tax payers expense which I personally call enabling.  Now that brings up another subject if we allow folks who steal and do drugs to stay on the streets and not be punished by society then we are enabling folks with impunity.  I would suggest that a parent with liberal views might be more willing to enable their child to make bad choices but I am not that person and don’t intend to enable my children (to late, they are already grown and responsible productive people).  That was probably offensive but I am speaking about my survey not one liked by the Doc.  In summary the incarceration rate does not bother me but I do think we have lots of problems in the system and could reduce the incarceration rate.  First off a lady who sells $26 dollars of marijuana does not need to serve a year in prison but she does need to pay for her crime and there are lots of alternatives if the liberals including the ACLU would get off our backs.  Simple answer without expounding:  Make her do community service with crediting her based on minimum wage.  Now I am not saying she just pays off the $26 but I am saying she pays for all the expense of dealing with her like say $1,000.    Now you may not like it but I grew up with a little fear of punishment and it kept me out of trouble.  I actually like this subject but just have to stop. 

Lastly, I actually I bet I might like this doctor because it does not bother me he has a different opinion and I am a curious person who wants to hear the other side.  But, this is why people from all over the world including those countries which by survey are better places to live with better education and better lifestyles are trying their hardest to get into America. I wonder how many folks from those countries try to move here each year vs. those here wanting to move to those countries.  I suggest the doctor might be missing the point.

Last thought on Jingoism:  I personally have played Jinga many times and it is fun.   Now you know that was a joke but I am poking at the doctor as he thinks it makes him smart to use words that others have never heard.  I looked it up and basically it says: whoever uses this word probably thinks they are smarter than everyone else.  OK, Just kidding.   

Have a great day. 
What do you learn in the Osage?
·       In a fight I want to have a Marine on my side, not an intellectual or even a doctor.
·       If I get shot by a fanatic or liberal or criminal not incarcerated I do want to have a conservative doctor (first choice) or a liberal doctor (who does not know I am a conservative).
·       Freedom of speech is protected by our principles and our actions!  Let’s don’t lose them.
Thanks for listening,
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