Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teaching and not knowing

I found myself thinking about how often I was being taught by my parents, friends and neighbors during my growing up years in the Osage.  Did you ever consider that when you asked your parents if it was alright to go fishing or hunting that they were teaching you?

Many times over the years when Dad and Mom did not have a list of things to do or at least felt like giving us a little freedom Larry and I would ask if it was alright to go fishing or hunting and they would just say, "sure".  No questions asked, no warnings given, no hurry back, no "be careful" remarks, just questions like, "will you be back for lunch?".  Actually that was a question never ever needed as we were boys and lunch was always on the agenda.  By the way it was DINNER not lunch and SUPPER not dinner.  We never packed a meal that I remember but we were late getting back many a time.

Think about it.  They let us go somewhere without a cell phone or any other ability to contact us.  They allowed us to be responsible and quite frankly they expected it.  They expected us to follow the laws and be smart about what we were doing.  They taught us to be responsible by EXPECTING us to be responsible. They allowed us to make decisions and do things and they knew there were consequences and consequences were the responsibility of US and our family.  We were responsible for preparing, going and then clean up.  Let me break that down.

If going fishing we had to  not only think about what to wear but we had to gather our equipment and think about what to use for bait.  Back in those days bait was not man made.  If we wanted worms we had to go dig them and we had to figure out how to find where the best worms were.  If we wanted grasshoppers we had to figure out how to catch them and store them.  If we wanted to use minnows we would take a seine and catch them.  We learned to think ahead, anticipate what might be the need or obstacle along our trip.  No one told us where to go so we had to decide to go pond fishing, creek fishing or even lake fishing.  We never had a boat so it was always about how far do we have to walk and do we need shoes for mudding.  My entire point is we were forced to think, reason and anticipate.  Once again my parents taught us not only how to think but how to raise children all in simple things.

My parents taught me how to fail and how not to want to fail  but desire to get ahead.  They provided me an opportunity.  OK let me say it one more time but in an example.  They taught me HOW TO FISH and they never gave me the fish.

Well what do you learn in the Osage?

  • Teaching and learning is not always hearing and regurgitating information
  • Teaching can sneak up on  a person and learning happens even when you do not try
  • If it is free somebody else paid for it.
    • and one last point that will surprise you.  I think Obamacare is a great idea because now everyone knows someone is paying for it even if it is only the 50% who pay taxes.  
  • Nothing is free - freedom is expensive, capitalism is expensive, socialism is expensive and communism is expensive
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