Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mrs. Whitt

Mrs. Whitt was always very nice to me and I never had her in class but she really had class.  She cared about people and you could feel it when you were around her.  She would always ask questions of you and speak like you were important.  But most of all I have to give Mrs. Whitt and "A" for her legacy and that would be her boys Jim and Mark.  Of course there was another brother which I never really knew and then Mr. Whitt who always garnered your respect but Mrs. Whitt was something very special.

She had class both figuratively and literally meaning she was a lady of ladies.  I really liked what Virginia Chrisco Springer said, "I learned so much from the woman she was. She taught me how to be a liberated woman without being a women libber. You could have your independence and still be a wonderful Christian, mother and wife."   When Mrs. Whitt found out about my blogging she began to write me and send me her kind thoughts of encouragement and material which I might give thought to and write about.  You will find sprinkles of her inspiration in my writings (only the good ones).  She was a teacher to the very end and what I would call a REAL teacher because she taught you/me by mentoring not criticism.  The interesting thing is she was never my teacher in school but by her example and by her most recent mentoring.  She taught you even through her boys.

If you have never met Jim or Mark you are really missing out.  Jim is a motivational writer and speaker and if you don't have his books you should find them or contact me and I will tell you how to find them.  Mark is a decorated and retired servant of the America we love, he was and is always a Green Beret (I stand corrected) who served until just a couple of years ago when he finally retired after serving in Iraq a number of times.

Finally if you have to ask, "what did Mrs. Whitt accomplish in life?"  The answers are easy.

  • She was a lady
  • A teacher 
  • A mentor
  • An example
  • A wife
  • A servant
  • A mother
  • She raised two successful young men  and when I say successful I am speaking of men of character and principle and honor
I suggest each of us ask ourselves, "what matters most?"  and each of us will come up with answers that describe the life of Mrs. Peggy Whitt Asher and her legacy.

Thanks to you for listening but most of all thanks to, as Jim Gaskell says, Mrs. Whitt!

A life well lived, by Mrs. Whitt.

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