Sunday, September 15, 2013

Entrapreneur vs. Fullamanure

For some folks things just seem to always come easy and then there is the real story behind what makes a person.  Folks have made many a remark about what an entrepreneur I have been but what they don't know is how I got there.

First off I was not an entrepreneur in that I was just motivated to go out and start new business ventures or try something new but it was that things happened along the way to make me choose which opportunities to take.  In fact one of my favorite things to tell folks is, " I am not an entrepreneur but I am Fullamanure".  If you have never seen that word let me break it down for you, Full-a-manure.  Does that clear it up for you?  OK, back to the story.  At an early age my folks EXPECTED me to invest money in sheep and practice DISCIPLINE in keeping or taking care of them while keeping DETAILED RECORDS of what it cost to raise those sheep.  Dad (see previous story) took me to the bank at about 9 years old to ask the president of the bank, Windal Andrews, to loan me $60. For more details read the other story.  You see it was not a choice to be a business person and take responsibility but it was an EXPECTATION.  In fact there were consequences for not taking responsibility.  If I did not water and feed the sheep obviously the animals would not do very well and it would cost me money.  However there were much greater consequences from Mom and Dad.  I would be grounded or if I forgot to feed the animals I would miss a meal so that I would understand how the animals felt.  CONSEQUENCES for my action or lack of action.

As I grew older the money invested got larger and the cost and profits were bigger but so were the losses.  My folks NEVER told me to depend on someone else or the government if I failed.  They taught me consequences and responsibility.

Now you may ask, "why did I think of this story?" and I am telling you it was a phone bill I received last week.  I had added a new telephone line for my business and I was absolutely floored at what I found out.  If you want a business line it costs extra because it is assumed that you would use it more.  Use your logic here and think.  If the phone company knows how much you use the line then why wouldn't it be the same price per minute of use for a person or business?  The primary reason is that businesses cannot complain and vote but people do so the politicians suck up to the voters and stick it to the business person.  Now if you think it is ok then ask yourself this, "do you use your cell phone for business or just personal?"  Of course you use it both so you pay the same regardless and you pay for the usage amount even if it is one of those convoluted package deals.  BUT this is still not the point.
My new phone line was $25.20 per month and all the fees and taxes on it were $17.65 which is 70% !!!!!  Who is kidding who?  This is highway robbery and they don't call hardly any of it taxes and it is all on top of the other taxes you pay:

Property Tax,                                      Sales Tax
Income Tax                                         SSN Tax
Medicare Tax                                     Obama care tax
Excise Tax                                          Property Tax
Capital Gains Tax                                and many more  but what about the FEES you pay every time you turn around?

License Tag fees                                  Builders license fees
Filing fees                                            and a lot more
Oklahoma is one of only two states that still have ABSTRACT Companies which are political monopolies to maintain the title to your house and then they sell INSURANCE on the same title everytime it changes hands.

Now we have required health care insurance which I will have to tell you is not all bad because we have had it for many years but now it is in the form of 26 new taxes and penalties and the GOVERNMENT is going to HELP.

The government has made it so burdensome that doctors are getting out of the business faster than we can get new ones and the ones still working are becoming part of the hospital organizations to lower the burden of government documentation requirements.  DOES ANYONE OUT THERE GET IT?  The government is preventing the small business owner from being able to compete so they are going out of business and/or never starting because the cost to enter is so high and difficult due to government regulations?  Banks don't make small loans because the burden is so HIGH and this prevents people from borrowing and starting new businesses.  HAS ANYONE NOTICED THAT SMALL BANKS ARE DISAPPEARING AND SMALL LOANS ARE GONE?  Do you wonder why?

People gripe about unions but licensing of so many professions is the same as unionizing because it prevents competition.  Yes it does protect the consumer from someone who does not know what they are doing but it also makes the cost of everything very high.  Sure protecting eagles is a high priority but feeding your children and creating jobs is important.  Up until the government got involved we had a FREE society and we had the competition where the winner wins but now we cannot speak freely because we can get fined by the government.  If you don't believe me ask any person involved in Medicare supplemental insurance or the securities business.  You cannot hardly go take a leak without the government involved.  Come to think of it just about everything in the restroom is controlled by the government as well.  What happened to buyer be ware?

This whole thing started with one topic and ended with another.  God bless America! I love this country but I want some help getting it fixed and now is the time to get involved in fixing it.  If you are like me and believe that Christians are being prejudiced against please call your political officers and tell them you are tired of government regulations and government protecting you against every little thing.  Every time a law is passed someone loses and someone wins.  It seems to me that we make laws too often and without a cost / reward benefit analysis.

What do you learn in the Osage?
  • Entrepreneurs are not born they are EXPECTED
  • RESPONSIBILITY is for everyone 
  • Discipline must be restored
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