Thursday, May 23, 2013

England vs. the Osage

The Osage, Oklahoma and England, what is the difference?

We just finished 11 days traveling England and we visited about 20 gardens and 12 castles or homes, 8 bed and breakfasts, The Tower of London, Big Ben, the home of Lizzy as one person called the Queen, and the list goes on and on.

Here are a few comparisons:

The People - exceptionally friendly and proud of their homeland and very helpful to strangers.  Am I talking about the Okies or English folks?  BOTH, absolutely amazing how nice and friendly every single person was.
The Roads - their roads are for the most part all black topped and very or extremely narrow with no shoulders and in fact generally have a hedge and mound of dirt preventing you from getting out of the way.  They have very minimal pot holes, we have very little roads without pot holes.  They are very courteous drivers and don't use sign language when you mess up.  This is an area we could learn to do better at.  The picture shows basically a two way street made of cobblestone and folks just drive and park on the sidewalk to either let you buy or they just park to get into their house.
Breakfast - they eat way too much for breakfast in that they have cereal, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee or tea, then they eat an English breakfast with small potatoes, mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, eggs always sunny side up and toast plus unless you stop it they have this black thing which is pigs blood and it looks like toast.  We never ate that, not even close.

They have no idea what a real drought is and they have no idea what hot weather is.  It rains a little to a lot every day and it stays fairly cool every day even into August.  
They think a castle is for the rich but we think a castle is where you live and ours is surrounded by creeks and rivers but they have motes.  I have to admit it would be nice to have one of theirs but a newer modern version.
They like fancy hats and we like baseball and cowboy hats.  They have stores just for hats.
Gardens - their gardens have trees older than Oklahoma is a state and older than the USA is a country.  Their gardens are like a story book as they include statues and older buildings which all have stories around them.  Many of the gardens are 200 to 300 years old and then older and the oldest building was in Bath which was built just before the time of Christ.
They get into statues a little more than we do.  Sir Winston Churchill takes the cake for most statues and most of his statues were placed where he was either born or the house he lived in for most of his life after retiring from politics.  
They have a little more detail in their woodwork.  absurd!  They have an extreme amount of detail in the woodwork.  
They are excessive compulsive about gardening and cutting grass.
Our churches have bigger hearts and theirs are in design and they bury dead folks in the floor.  Most of the ones buried in the floor are famous, at least to them.  The churches are incredible designs.  Actually a lot of fun to visit and very interesting historically and spiritually.

Well I have had fun with this so here goes.  
What do you learn in the Osage?
  • We have trees just like they do but maybe a little smaller
  • We have taller grass thanks to the bluestem
  • There are great folks everywhere, you just have to look for the good in people.
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