Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Love and The Edge of Night

I guess I was always a romantic and now that it is Valentine's Day I figure I  should write about the subject.  I think the real reason I am a romatntic is that Mom always watched the Edge of Night while she ironed and she ironed everything.  As a side note she ironed the sheets and my t-shirts and what seemed like everything.  My shirts were heavy with starch and my blue jeans had creases down the front so that after several washing there was a white line where the crease was.  Actually I really like my clothes heavy starched today.  Some things never change.  If you don't know what The Edge of Night was I should explain.  It was a soap opera that went on for years and years.  In fact you could miss about a year worth of shows and then turn the TV on as if you never missed a show.  Soaps were really big and Mom seemed to love that one.  Anyway I never understood it but when you are a toddler and the government is not forcing all the kids into preschool and kindergarten and mothers day out programs and / or day care centers a kid watches what Mom watches or finds something to do outside.  Well I think I was inside the house too much as I became a romantic and I am blaming it on The Edge of Night.

That brings me to my first love, Redina Oeastman.  She was about 2 or 3 years older than me and I thought she was the prettiest thing  ever.  She was nice to me and Valentines was all about  telling someone you cared.  So, I was in Ark City (Arkansas City, KS) at the Ben Freanklin store and I bought her a box of chocolates.  We had lockers where we stored our books and coats and we never needed locks because folks did not steel from each other and that is where I put the box of candy and a note telling Redina how special she was.  I could not wait for her to find the treasure.  Again she was grateful and very nice to me even though I was younger.

Thinking back over the experience it reminds me that how we react to folks makes a big difference.   She made me feel special because she accepted my gift in spite of it being a somewhat silly act by a younger person.  Our reactions can enhance a child's confidence or hurt them for a long time.  One of the old sayings was "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".  I think that was the biggest lie ever.  Words are far more destructive than a fist fight or a few bruises.  The rejection by someone you look up to is about the most painful thing I can think of for any human.

Well today I called my mom, texted my sister, gave a card and small gift (a book) to my wife and took a few minutes to remember those who made a difference in my life.  Thanks to Redina I did not experience the rejection I probably deserved for being a naive little 9 year old boy who was star struck by a pretty little girl.

So what do you learn in the Osage?

  • A little kindness can make a big difference
  • Be a humble and kind receiver as well as a giver, it can make an impact
  • If you have something to say be careful with your words
Thanks for your time and Happy Valentines Day,

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